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Budgeting For Beginners

Few things are more frustrating than running out of money. When you are staring at an empty checking account, it can feel like the whole world is against you--especially anyone who you owe money. However, a few years ago I learned a few tricks for budgeting that really made a difference in my life. I have been able to get my spending under control and learn how to save. I have also learned how to prioritize my spending so that I don't have to worry about running out of cash. This website is here for anyone who has ever struggled with money.

What Happens When You Help Someone Make Bail And They Skip?

If someone you know ends up on the wrong side of the law, then you may end up helping them post bail through a bail bondsman or using your own funds or property as collateral. But what happens when that person becomes a no-show to their next scheduled court date? It's important to know what happens in the event of a bail skip, especially if your collateral is on the line. Read More 

Drive Donations For Your Charity With These 3 Crowdfunding Tips

Crowdfunding offers charitable organizations a chance to reach out to more people than ever before. You can get your message out to potential donors all over the world and inspire interest and action in areas that never would have been reachable in earlier years. However, crowdfunding for a charitable organization isn't as easy as just setting up a collection page and letting the donations roll in. If you want to raise money successfully through a crowdfunding initiative, you need to have a plan in place to make sure that you get noticed. Read More 

Breadwinner Spouse Suddenly Disabled? How Can You Preserve Your Financial Future?

If you've spent years as a stay-at-home spouse or parent, taking care of the domestic duties and keeping the household running along smoothly while your spouse earned the bulk of the family's income, you may be concerned and even feel adrift when your spouse develops an illness or suffers an injury that leaves him or her unable to work for the foreseeable future. Even households with adequate savings can feel the pinch when retirement (especially involuntary retirement) comes a decade or two too soon, and even if you're able to return to work and earn enough to keep the household afloat going forward, you may still need to fund in-home care services to provide assistance to your disabled spouse while you're not around. Read More 

What Do You Mean My Kid Can’t Come Home? Understanding Juveniles And Bail Bonds

As a parent with a rebellious teenager, you probably dread a call that informs you he or she has been arrested. If it comes, no matter how well prepared you think you may be, your life will become a whirlwind. No matter how much craziness your kid creates in your home, he or she is still your kid. It is completely understandable that you will worry about things like detention center fights and exposure to truly hardened teenagers. Read More 

3 Ways In Which A Personal Loan Can Improve Your Financial Future

For many Americans, tax season is now over, the refund is long gone and the bills continue to mount up. This is especially true if your family is among the 37 percent of the American population who now have more debt than savings. This precarious trend is growing, leaving many at risk of financial Armageddon, if a major event, such as a job loss or illness should occur. At first glance, the idea of taking on a personal loan to improve your financial future seems crazy, but in some cases, it can be a very smart decision. Read More