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Bailing Out After A Domestic Violence Arrest

A domestic violence arrest can be incredibly difficult to handle. Whether somebody is convicted of the offense or not, the charges and arrest can have a serious impact on their life. Regardless of the initial inciting incident, the defendant may have a lot to deal with.

Are you thinking about bailing out somebody who is facing a domestic violence charge? These are some special considerations to make.

How Long Must Somebody Stay in Jail After Arrest?

The length of time somebody spends in jail after they are arrested depends on a variety of factors. Some states require individuals in jail for domestic violence to be held for a certain number of hours to prevent retaliation. In other cases, the defendant simply needs to see the judge have a bail set. It could be a matter of hours or a matter of days. A bail bond professional can help you figure out the timeline for bailing out a loved one.

What Does Bail Cost?

The bond set by the judge differs significantly based on a number of factors, including the severity of the charges. An individual who is charged with a felony will be charged more to bail out than somebody facing a misdemeanor.

The bail bond company itself will charge only a percentage of the total bond set. For instance, you may find yourself paying just 10 to 20 percent of the total bond to secure your loved one's release from jail as he or she awaits trial on the charges.

How Should the Defendant Behave After Bail?

If your loved one is able to secure release from jail, they may be subjected to a number of steps they must take to remain on release. For instance, the judge could stipulate that the individual in question hand over weapons, including guns, while they await trial. In some cases, they are not allowed to have contact with the individual they are accused of harming or threatening.

During this time of release, it is also important for defendants to secure legal counsel to represent them when their case goes to court.

Speak With a Bail Bond Professional

Now is the best time to speak with a bail bond professional. Not only can a professional help you understand the road ahead of you, but you can also make the best decision regarding whether to bail somebody out of jail after a domestic violence arrest. Reach out to a company such as All Star Bail Bonds if you have more questions.